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Everything you need for your solution:

Wide range of sensors

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Air quality
  • Particualte matter
  • Motion
  • Ambient light
  • External sensors

Model with power supply?

All models that are powered by electricity have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integrated. The advantage here is that you don't have to change batteries and pay attention to power consumption (e.g. when warning lights flash).

Model with battery?

You can position these sensors anywhere. For energy-saving reasons only Bluetooth and low-power sensors have been integrated here. If you want to query this sensor online (remotely), you have to use an additional Wi-Fi gateway from us or an Android tablet with our free "IoT-Remote Monitoring App".

bluSensor® Mini & Pro

I would like to have my own model with different sensors.

For corporate customers, we produce our own models from a quantity of 1,000 units. So you can save costs at a higher quantity by designing your own sensor combination for your application. Our bluSensor® Pro model has a flexible sensor plug that can be easily exchanged. We offer the following sensors:

bluSensor Overview Sensors

Especially for building services and industrial customers:

Flexible installation

You can use this variant as a tabletop unit or wall-mounted. If you have an existing wiring (12/24V), so use this. The provided holes on the back also fit exactly for flush-mounted sockets (EU standard).

Easy maintenance

Our bluSensor® Pro consists of a base board and a so-called sensor plug. This sensor plug can be easily replaced. If a sensor should break, you do not have to replace the entire device, but can simply replace the sensor plug. All configurations are preserved and you save time.

Increased brightness for alarms

In this version, you can see the alarms on the device well from a distance (e.g. at the back of the classroom even in sunlight). The device generates either a flashing light or a running light by means of 3 integrated colored LEDs, so that you or your employees can react quickly.

bluSensor for buildings

You still have questions - our data sheets will help you: