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10 reasons for bluSensor®

1. The time of "manual measuring" is over! Save time and let our sensors do the work for you! Use the time gained for your core business. Even with an effort of only 10 minutes per day you save approx. 60 hours per year.

2. Do not rely on others, but automate this process. This avoids errors and you can be sure that everything is correct. bluSensor® monitors your infrastructure around the clock, 7 x 24 hours and provides precise, non-manipulable values.

Take advantage of our IoT ecosystem!

bluSensor IoT ecosystem

Advantages IoT ecosystem

3. Everything fits together and works "out of the box". You have a contact person who knows everything and supports you. Use our ecosystem for a quick start into digitization and save time and money.

4. Our eco-system is growing!" We are constantly striving to expand our ecosystem. New apps and sensors are being added all the time.

Start with a sensor and our app

You have the choice. You can combine them. Start with one sensor and test our system with the corresponding app. If you like our solution, you can easily expand it. Go from a beginner to a digitisation professional. Without big investments and risk.

bluSensor and alarms

5. Recognise misbehaviour and change your habits. Analyze your sensor readings and try to avoid critical situations. Record your correct behaviour to avoid complaints later on.

6. better than any manual control. Our alarm function protects you from unpleasant surprises! It works for you 7 x 24 hours and helps you to keep track of everything. So you won't miss anything anymore!

bluSensor and statistics

We measure for you too!

You don't have time but would still like to have an evaluation of your objects. No problem. We do this work for you. Just tell us over which period you would like to create statistics and evaluations and which data you would like to compare with each other. We install the appropriate sensors and forward the results directly to you. For this model we charge a monthly flat rate. You do not have to buy any sensors. If you decide to buy our system, you are welcome to take over the installed sensors and start immediately.

bluSensor and Ipad-Gateway

Plug & Play & Maintenance Free

7. Save your nerves! Thanks to our Plug & Play installation, you don't have to read and understand long instructions. With our app, you can easily add and configure the sensor. Every bluSensor also works "stand alone" with Bluetooth only. So you are not dependent on any infrastructure and can start right away.

8. You don't have to recalibrate your sensors! Save time, the sensor does this for you automatically. So you have precise data even over longer periods of time and don't have to worry about anything.

Important for you:

Let the sensors work for you

They measure much more often than you would measure yourself. This gives you a valid database for further evaluations and you can benefit from this knowledge.

Learn the right behaviour

Based on transparent data, you learn what you need to change in order to achieve a permanently optimal state.

Document & visualise

Diagrams and individual evaluations record your diligence. Reliable and cannot be manipulated afterwards!

bluSensor Toolkit

Advantages of an Austrian company

9. You think in terms of climate change? Protect the environment and buy a sensor with a "low CO2 balance". We produce our products in Austria and integrate primarily components (sensors) from Switzerland. We avoid unnecessary long transport routes. Buy directly from the manufacturer. This eliminates at least two transport routes in the supply chain; so direct sales are inherently sustainable. You also save money this way.

10. You need help later? We won't leave you alone! You have a contact person for both sensors and software (app, IoT cloud, interfaces) who cares about you. We take care of you. Just send us an email to: We are your reliable partner and will always be available for you in the future.

Rollout for larger installations

We cooperate with partners!

Have your buildings professionally installed. Our bluSensor Pro 24 series has a 24V terminal strip for direct wall or ceiling mounting or installation on flush-mounted boxes. They also have a Modbus interface so that they can be easily integrated into existing building automation & control technology.
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