bluSensor IoT Sensor Cloud

bluSensor® IOT Cloud

A Cloud for Your Sensors

With our bluSensor® IoT Cloud you can easily monitor your sensors. In less than a minute your sensors are connected to our IoT Cloud and are available to you. With current values, statistics, sensor limit values, power failure alarm or emergency call, our IoT Cloud offers you a very comfortable monitoring of your bluSensor® devices. Your sensors can be queried via our bluSensor® IoT dashboard at

Live Values

Monitor all current measured values of your sensors (humidity, temperature, dew point, CO2, TVOC, etc.) via our portal. In addition, additional measured values of the gateway are also available (light, power supply, air pressure).

Historical Data

Our cloud stores all your sensor data and offers you a very clear statistics evaluation. All your sensor data can also be exported as CSV/Excel files.


To enable effective monitoring of your sensors, you can define freely selectable limit values. The gateway automatically monitors the sensors and automatically sends an alarm to your configured e-mail address or telephone number.

Power Failure

Our gateway also monitors the power supply of your installation. If a power failure is detected, it sends an alarm to our cloud which then sends you an alarm in the fastest way possible. Monitoring power supply has never been easier.


Our cloud sends alarm messages to your mobile phone via e-mail or SMS. Alarm notifications are configured in less than a minute and can be easily customized anytime.

Emergency Call

You can configure an emergency call for important limit violations (cold store, refrigerator, storage, etc ) or even power failure. Our cloud calls you! Just give it a try.

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